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AAF International Type N RotoClone

           Hydrostatic Precipitator
                   Typical Applications

  • Explosive Dust - TNT/Gunpowder Plant, Airbag Manufacturing, Light Metals (AL, Mg, Ti Processing Plants
  • Material Handling - Conveying Dumping, Mixing
  • Rubber Grinding - Rubber Rolls, Tire Buffing
  • Metalworking - Grinding, Cutting, Buffing/Polishing
  • Chemicals - Conveying, Dumping, Mixing
  • Mining - Crushing, Screening, Material Handling Dryers
                 Sludge Disposal Methods

Three hopper designs are available for disposing of                         collected material:

  • Arrangement B - Flat bottom design for manual removal of collected material.

  • Arrangement C - Hopper with drag-type sludge ejector for automatic dewatering and sludge removal.

  • Arrangement D - Pyramid hopper for sluicing collected material to a process or disposal point.​
Arrangement B - Size 6 or smaller, wide-spaced chevron water eliminators remove entrained water from the clean air.
Arrangement C - Size 8 or larger, de-entrainment baffles remove water from the clean air.
Arrangement D, designed to sluice collected material through a hopper into a process or disposal point either continuously or intermittently.
         Benefits of the Type N RotoClone                     
  • Rugged Contruction for Longer Life - The Type N RotoClone is available for both normal and heavy-duty service.  Heavy-gauge hot rolled steel is used for the standard model.  For corrosive environments, a coal-tar epoxy coating or stainless steel construction is available.

  • Low Maintenance Requirements - Designed for continuous operation with minimum service, the absence of intricately shaped surfaces and narrow air passages minimizes the build up of dust depostis or the blocking of restricted openings.  Access doors with quick-opening handles provide accessibility to the interior of the Type N RotoClone.

  • Fits Limited Space Applications - The Type N RotoClone can be engineered to accommodate special conditions or space limitations; such as the presence of an existing exhaust system or low headroom.  Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of wed collectors positions us to deliver a top-quyality solution that will meet your specific application requirements.